Experiencing Inbound Marketing Fatigue?

You bought Hubspot with the best intentions.  Yet it is far from an automated process.  Time requirements, technology upgrades and content creation all add up to an inefficient use of your investment.  Perhaps you've wondered if there was someone who could really show you how to do this in an easily executable process?

You may want to consider Optimize 3.0's Inbound Marketing Blueprint.  This is a complete plan to attract new business opportunities and nurture them to a point of sales engagement -- not just leads.  Each Blueprint includes following:

inbound marketing strategy downloads

  • Buyer persona discovery
  • 24 targeted blog post titles 
  • 3 Top of Funnel premium content titles
  • Middle and Bottom of the Funnel offers
  • Content creation how-to's for all parts of the buying cycle
  • CTAs and landing pages
  • Lead nurturing sequences and emails
  • and more

Rejuvenate your inbound marketing and get the most out of your investment -- download the Blueprint details to see if it's right for you.


Inbound Blueprint Overview